World Minigolf Sport Federation


Adventure Golf Horní Bezděkov

in cooperation with

Český Minigolfový Svaz


Valdecká 213, 273 51, Horní Bezděkov, CZECH REPUBLIC
course A: MOS (adventure golf)


All active members of the WMF, as long as they came up to their obligations towards the WMF. WMF ExCo can on application approve the participation of nations, which are not yet active members of WMF.



  • FEMALE YOUTH, MALE YOUTH (if any of these categories will have fewer than four participants, the categories will be played as one mixed youth category)
  • FEMALE SENIORS, MALE SENIORS (if any of these categories will have fewer than four participants, the categories will be played as one mixed senior category)

  • GENERAL CLASS WOMEN, GENERAL CLASS MEN (if any of these categories will have fewer than four participants, the categories will be played as one mixed general class category)



  • NATIONAL TEAMS WITH FOUR PLAYERS WITHOUT SUBSTITUTES (no category limits / national  team clothing mandatory for team players / registration only by active member federation)

Maximum number of players per WMF active member federation is 12. Additionally club players from active member nations can register, but their registrations can be confirmed only after the registration deadline, when we see wheteher there are free places left in the tournament or not.

In total max. 100 players are allowed for the tournament. If more than 100 players are registered by the deadline, and WMF and Organizer see no possibility to run the competition according to the schedule, they have the right after checking all options to cut the number of participants. In such case players registered by WMF active member federations are always preferred to club players.


6 rounds (the qualifying rounds of individual competition)
Title: Winner World Adventure Golf Masters, team category

6 rounds in all categories and 1 overall category final round (round 7) for the best 18 players of the competition across all categories after 6 qualifying rounds
Title in each category (6 rounds): Winner World Adventure Golf Masters, category …
Title overall champion (6 + 1 rounds): World Adventure Golf Master

Tournament jury has the right to change the number or rounds if necessary due to final number of participants.


Maximum of two coaches per nation are allowed on the course during the competition, regardless of the number of participating players of the nation.


Penalties for players
The standard system described in WMF worldwide international sport rules chapters 2.3.18 is used in the team competition and individual stroke play competition.

Penalties for coaches
For coaches, the standard penalty system described in WMF worldwide international sport rules chapter 2.3.19 is used throughout the entire tournament.


Until April 30th 2018 

Registrations are considered as confirmed only after the registrar has received a confirmation mail from WMF Sport Director. The confirmation is possible only when WMF has received the payment of the participation fee.

If participants from your country need visa for travelling to the championships, please send information including all necessary data VERY EARLY to the organizer!!


Pre official training: EUR 3 / day / player (payable to organizer)


EUR 70 for players, coaches and officials 
No additional fee for teams

Fees have to be paid until April 30th 2018 to the account of WMF. Please note that all banking fees (also those charged by the recipient's bank) must be paid by the sender and the full amount must arrive to the WMF account. When transferring from a bank outside the eurozone, please choose a charging option ensuring that all bank charges are paid by the sender (“OUR” charging option in most payment systems). 

Please pay right in time and only to:
Bank: Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken
IBAN: SE80 5000 0000 0593 0828 6683

Participation fees are non-refundable after the registrations have been confirmed by WMF. In case no starting spot can be given to some players due to high number of participants, their fees are returned. 

For further questions please contact WMF Sport Director

For delayed registrations or payments the participation fee is 125 % of the fee above.


Overview of recommended accommodation options can be found HERE

For visa assistance, please contact:
Ms. Jitka Vlčková

The worldwide international sport rules of WMF including supplementary rules and worldwide international sport regulations are applied for the World Adventure Golf Masters. In particular please note the WMF system-specific rules of Minigolf Open Standard. Each participant or for minors their legal guardian must have signed the forms for acceptance of WADA-code 2015 as well as media coverage and accept the WMF anti-doping regulations in current version. Sport shoes and uniform team sports clothing appropriate for minigolf are required during official practice time and tournament. Only sports hats are allowed.

Pasi Aho
WMF Sport Director